Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Energy lies in the question, not the answer

When there is competition, comparison, and
self interest there can be no Freedom of Spirit.

In order for the human mind to transform there
must be Freedom, Love, and Compassion.

Love and Compassion are not simply words
or ideals. There is "True Love, "True Freedom",
and "True Compassion" that is only realized
when the mind is transformed.

How does this happen? By what means does
this miraculous event occur?

These are important questions that each individual
must answer for oneself.

There is no Authority. If you seek help through
"Authority", then You are Lost !

Each individual must answer essential questions
for oneself. Only through Sef-Discovery and
Awareness will the Truth be revealed.

Follow Your own Spirit and Intelligence,
That Is All You Need !

Aloha, Larry


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